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Meet Our Newest Member: Staci Schlack


    Staci, a native of Morgan, Utah, cherishes the quaint charm of small-town living. Together with her husband, she crafted their home in Ogden Valley two decades ago, a place she affectionately refers to as her "sweet land of Liberty." Raising their four children in this idyllic setting, they've discovered it to be the perfect environment.

    Staci's journey in real estate began as an Escrow Assistant for various title companies. Taking a hiatus to embrace the role of a stay-at-home mom, she actively volunteered at schools and served as the dedicated chauffeur for her children's ballet and baseball pursuits. Alongside her husband, she delved into owning vacation rentals across different states, cultivating a passion for property investment.

    Four years ago, Staci and her husband made the bold decision to split their time between Utah and Hawaii, both becoming real estate agents in these locales. They also manage a commercial insurance office in Eden. In her leisure moments, Staci enjoys bonding over baseball with her son, attending musicals and concerts with her daughters, exploring new culinary delights with her husband, and indulging in her love for crafts whenever time permits. As a family, they share a love for travel, always eager to embark on adventures to new and exciting destinations, though a quick trip to Disneyland holds a special place in their hearts.

    Staci thrives on the challenge of discovering the perfect home for her clients. Leveraging her keen eye for interior design, she assists clients in envisioning the potential of homes during tours. Renowned for her organizational skills, Staci is committed to guiding clients through the entire real estate process. If you're seeking your dream home or the perfect land to build upon, Staci is ready to assist you. Reach out to her via call or text at 801.388.9066.