Tips to sell your house


Tips to sell your house in the summer

Summer has it's challenges when trying to sell your home, mostly due to family vacations and summer activities. Here are some ideas to attract summer buyers.

1.  Maintain your lawn. Focus on curb appeal and take advantage of the season. Mow your lawn often and ensure all sprinklers are working.

2.  Cultivate the landscape. Trim bushes, hedges and trees, spread mulch, sweep the walkway and plant flowers.

3.  Clear a path. It is important that the front entrance is clear of any debris. Repair loose steps and railings or cracks in sidewalks; potential buyers should be able to navigate with ease.

4.  Provide a welcome respite. When guests enter your home the temperature should be comfortable, perhaps a welcome relief from the outside.

5.  Organize everything. Your home should be clutter-free, tidy and clean.  Prospective Buyers like open and clear spaces. Removing clutter from counters helps to make your home feel larger and makes the space more inviting.

6.  Serve seasonal refreshments. Lemonade, fresh fruit or warm pies are appetizing and create a summer ambiance within your home.

7.  Bring in the light. The windows and glass doors should shine. Leave on all the lights, especially in dark corners or closets.

8.  Hide your tools. Stow away all landscaping tools; potential buyers do not need to be reminded of the maintenance that accompanies a home.

9.  Clean the pool. If you have a pool it should be clean and clear. Towels, toys and rafts should be neatly stored away so they do not detract from the space.

10. Light it up. Illuminate your outside areas with well placed lights.

11. Take down anything that personalizes your home to you and your family too much.  For example, take down family pictures and replace them with landscapes and decorative embellishments, place table top pictures in drawers during showings. 

Following these simple steps makes your home more attractive to perspective buyers and helps it to stand out from other homes.  When showing two identical homes the one that employs all of these suggestions is the one that will most likely get the offers.

I would love to help you sell your home this summer.  I have more ideas to help you stage your home to make it attractive to potential buyers.  Call me for more information, Shauna 801-791-2114.