Snowmobiling In Monte Cristo!

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In the Ogden Valley there is also Snowmobiling in Monte Cristo is located to the east of Huntsville.  Some of the best snowmobiling trails in Utah!
This area is included in our Hardware Ranch Monte Cristo and Logan Canyon group of snowmobile complexes.

Below are some specific items of interest about the trails included in the Monte Cristo Complex. Check with local U.S. Forest Service offices for trail guides and travel maps of ungroomed trails and other areas open to snowmobile use.

Curtis Creek/Ant Flat

This 63-mile loop offers opportunities for all snowmobilers. The trail is flat and well groomed with generally gentle grades and tremendous views of the Cache Valley. In many areas the trail is lined with tall trees that open to spacious play areas. Several switchbacks provide enough variety to keep everyone interested, without becoming overwhelming. Riders are cautioned about icy conditions in the shaded areas on the north end of Ant Flat Trail. Flat light and ice require snowmobilers to slow down in this area. In addition, the Ant Flat Trail crosses private property throughout much of its length.

Snowmobilers are cautioned to stay on the trail to avoid trespassing on private property.

Sinks Trail
Heading north from Hardware Ranch, this trail features gradual climbs and falls through the trees. This trail is especially scenic and uncrowded, making it a favorite of local riders. Access to some of the best play and hill climbing areas in the region are via this trail.

Millie Springs
The Millie Springs spur provides access to the complex from the east side of Monte Cristo near Woodruff. This short spur climbs rapidly through a tree-lined canyon to the Monte Cristo summit and the junction with Curtis Creek Trail.

Here is the website for Club Rec they have Snowmobile and equipment rentals & They also have Snowmobile Tours of Monte Cristo and are located in the Ogden Valley.

Come play in the snow and enjoy the outdoors!