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Just a quick reminder, tax appeals are due by September 15th for Weber County properties. 

Per the Tax Assessor's website: "In accordance with the provisions set forth under Utah State law, the Assessor’s Office is required to verify and correctly classify all residential properties as a primary or secondary residence. State code 59-2-103 allows for a 45% residential exemption on primary residences in Utah. This means those receiving the exemption only pay property tax on 55% of the home’s fair market value."

This is the biggest item that affects your tax bill.  You can follow this link to find out more information:

Be sure to check if your home is assessed as a primary or secondary residence.

Homes that have a full time occupant, including long term rentals, qualify for the 45% primary resident discount. Unfortunately vacant land parcels are assessed at the full rate.

Once you have determined that you can take the exemption you can fill out this form online:
Hope this helps and if you need any assistance let us know.