Preparing Your Home For The Photographer!



What you should do to prepare your home for when the photographer comes to take pictures of your home for sale. Here is a helpful checklist!



·      Remove all vehicles from driveways and do not park directly in front of the house.

·      Remove children’s toys and make sure all sprinklers, hoses and gardening equipment are put away or in order.

·      Sweep driveways, sidewalks and patios

·      Spruce up your garden and lawn; trim shrubbery and mow the lawn.

·      Remove all trash and recycling cans from view.


Living Areas:

·      Remove personal items (family photos, knick knacks, religious or political items)

·      Remove clutter; straighten up shelves and tables.

·      Move access furniture out of rooms. You want the space clean, open and clutter-free dog crates, tray tables, kid’s toys, etc)

·      Hide TV/Stereo remotes and clear away newspapers and magazines



·      Make sure all beds are made and free of lumps and wrinkles

·      Clear all dressers and bedside tables

·      Hang clothes neatly or fold and put away



·      Clear off counter tops and remove any appliances (toasters, coffee pots, knife blocks, etc.)

·      Remove photos, notes, papers and magnets from the refrigerator

·      Clean the major appliances- refrigerator, oven, range hood, and wipe down all countertops

·      Make sure dishes are out of the sink and put away

·      Remove trash can, floor rugs and dish towels



·      Clear all counters and vanities

·      All toilet seats should be down and lid closed; remove all toilet cleaning and maintenance utensils

·      Clean mirrors and glass surfaces

·      Make sure all towels match, are clean and are neatly folded

·      Remove trash cans and floor rugs


Overall/ General:

·      Clean out as much clutter as possible

·      Open all curtains and blinds

·      Vacuum the carpets

·      Make sure all light bulbs are working; don’t mix halogen bulbs with CFL bulbs

·      Turn all lights ON

·      Turn all ceiling fans OFF

·      Pet accessories, food bowls, beds, scratch posts, litterboxes, etc.