Ogden Valley Food truck night in Eden

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The Ogden Valley offers a wide variety of fun family friendly things to do in the Eden, Huntsville & Liberty area. One of the many family friendly things up here in the Ogden valley is our once a year food truck night sponsored by on of the local schools up here in Eden,UT. This week we had one at Snowcrest Jr.High here in Eden. They had a wide variety of food trucks that didn't disappoint worlds best corndog, the tiki treat, just in queso, rocky mountain burger bus, just to name a few of the amazing food trucks that came up to the Ogden valley, we also had some  live music from locals. Another fun thing is the night of the food truck event up in Ogden valley is a charity ball drop. Sponsors from all over the Ogden valley and surrounding areas donate and on the eve of the event the golf balls are dropped from a helicopter. They give prizes away to the person whose numbered golf ball lands in or closest to a number painted on the field. The child who sells the most golf balls gets to take a fly in the helicopter has it flies to the Ogden valley charity ball drop. We love our family friendly community up here in the Ogden valley and you can't beat the views of the surrounding mountains they are amazing.