Have A Valentine's Day Dinner Party At Your Home!

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There are a million ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some people keep it classic with a romantic date night, and some make it all about the kids. This year, we love the idea of a casual and festive dinner party with friends. Invite couples and single friends too – this heartfelt holiday doesn’t have to be all about romance. Plan a menu ours happens to be from Julia Childs the Art of French Cooking,  and play a fun game or to featuring your favorite cheesy love songs, or charades and celebrate LOVE.

Get Things Rolling
A simple game is one way to get the ball rolling while dinner’s cooking and you’re all enjoying a glass of something social. “Guess That Love Song” is an appropriate option for Valentine’s Day. Divide into teams, choose one person to pick ’em and one person to guess ’em. Take a few minutes to queue up a playlist and you’re ready to start.

Play the first few bars of each song in turn or just keep going until someone gets it. Whoever guesses the right song gets a marker — cinnamon hearts or other Valentine candies would be perfect — and then you move on to the next song. Whoever has the most markers when the game is over wins a Valentine treat jar, filled with candies or baked treats.

Why does every Valentine's Day have to be about the same thing,  Valentines Chocolates, Flower's, a Big Over Stuffed Bear , And the biggest " I Love You" Balloons! Why not make it about friends and great food and conversation. Oh and YUMMY chocolate mousse! Plus, there is fun in decorating your beautiful home in Valentine'd day decorations. Red and White Roses, Heart Doilies and so glitter. As, you home fills with conversation and laughter you will remember this holiday for years to come!