Finding That Perfect Christmas Tree!

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If you’re not a huge fan of trekking through snow covered hills, there’s still hope. You don’t have to venture into the forest to find the perfect tree for your home. Countless tree lots have a variety of options, from short to tall, thin to fat. But there’s more to trees than just their size and shape, and they require proper care and maintenance to stay fresh and pretty through the New Year.

Know The Types of Trees
Some of these are only available in various parts of the country, and all of them have their own unique look and fragrance. Find the one that works with your personal style and decor!

Fir: The most popular are the Douglas and Noble. The Douglas Fir is full with fluffy, soft needles, and the Noble Fir is symmetrical with sturdy branches, perfect for heavy ornaments (and one of my personal favorites). Other Firs: Balsam, Fraser, Grand, Nordmann

Pine: The Scotch Pine is the most common Christmas tree, with stiff branches and needles that hold for four weeks (even if the tree dries out). Other Pines: Virginia, White
Spruce: A less common option, trees like the Blue Spruce are unique and pretty, but most don’t hold their needles as long as Fir trees.
Don’t Get Your Tree Too Early

Most trees last anywhere from two to three weeks if well-watered (if it was fresh when you got it). Find a location that stores their trees in the shade. Don’t be afraid to smack it around a little bit: Look for a fresh tree that doesn’t lose lots of needles when you hit the branches! Ask if the lot attendant can put your tree through a shaker (to remove any dead needles) and wrap it up for easier transport.

Cutting The Stem Matters
Making a fresh cut (a half-inch is sufficient) opens the veins that deliver water to the tree, keeping it fresher, longer. Get your tree in water as soon as you can after you cut the stem. Trees are just like us too; they prefer to drink cooler water.

Put It In Its Place
Keeping your tree out of the sunlight and away from heaters is essential; you don’t want it to dry out or create a fire hazard! Everybody loves trees close to the fireplace, but be mindful of how close you put it.

Once you’ve got the tree, make it sparkly and pretty however you like! As long as you keep it hydrated, it will look fantastic through the holidays. Hot cocoa, anyone?