5 DIY Landscaping Tips on a Budget

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5 DIY Landscaping Tips on a Budget


Tip #1

Hardscaping and Landscape Edging


Have edging already? Use a Pressure Washer to clean them up and reuse them. To get that perfect circle of edging around your trees, tie a string attached to a marking spray paint bottle and tie it to your trees. Then walk around the tree while spraying to produce a perfect guide for where to put your edging.



Tip #2

Pressure Washer


Use a Pressure Washer to clean the outside of your home, windows and concrete. Pressure washers are investment worth making, or you can rent one for around $50. Honestly, once you start pressure washing it will be hard to stop. So satisfying to see something old become new again.


Tip #3

Hedge and Tree Pruning


Shaping hedges and trimming up trees are a simple but effective way to improve curb appeal.

Clearing overgrown bushes around the base of the trees can be a dramatic change. There are all sorts of fancy tools for these jobs but a simple pair of trimming shears work great.


Tip #4

Weed Control and Mulch


Start with a clean slate by clearing out old weed control and mulch.

For areas where you don’t have concrete edging use “no dig edging” to help hold in the dirt and mulch.

Using a fabric weed blocker is a great base to hold in your mulch and prevent weeds. Put a nice thick layer and this transformation will last for years.


Tip #5

Softscaping and Landscape Lighting


Plant your favorite bushes or flowers that are best suited for your area and the amount of sun they will get.

To make your house look as good at night as it does during the day, add solar lights around the edging. You can buy these at any hardware store and they’ll add luxury to your home without the cost.


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